Your Home Right Now Can Be Killing You

How Safe Are you in your bed room?

Home – just the mere word makes you think of comfort and relaxation. That would naturally enter your mind as the home is where people usually sleep and relax. Moreover, did you know that there are products in your home that pose danger to your life and safety making them not so safe home products. Ordinarily, these products are used everyday which makes it not so obvious that they are unsafe and dangerous. Included in the list of potentially dangerous products are carpet cleaner, dry cleaning products, furniture cleaner, furniture polish, glass and window cleaner, moth balls, shoe polish and smoke detector.

Now, what could be the reason why they are not considered as safe home products? One of the major reasons is the hazardous substances that make up those products. Let’s start with the carpet cleaner. Perchloroethylene and Naphthalene are two of the harmful elements that are considered as toxic and carcinogenic. In the same way, it is also proven to damage the liver. For dry cleaners, Carbon tetrachloride is considered as the most toxic. It has been banned from the list of household products but still, there are many companies that still offer products with this chemical. How about the other cleaners such as the glass and window cleaner and the furniture cleaner? Ammonia and Isopropanol are two of the most commonly used elements for such. Ammonia is proven to irritate eyes and lungs and can cause rashes and burns on the skin. Isopropanol on the other hand can irritate the mucous membrane. Ingestion of which can cause drowsiness, unconsciousness and even death.

Moth balls and furniture polish are products that can be tempting to children. Furniture polis especially the colored ones look like a tasty drink. Moth balls on the other hand may tempt children to eat it. These dangers, along with the harmful substances that comprise these products make them unsafe and dangerous. And the shoe polish? Trichloroethylene and nitrobenzene are the common used materials for a shoe polish, and they are totally carcinogenic. That makes them absolutely dangerous. These are just but a few of the harm that these products can cause. But if you want to stay away from those effects, better opt for Green natural cleaning product, non toxic cleaners, green product, and of course, safe home products.

I have been using these cleaners and have experienced no lung problems since.