Better Home Rugs and Carpets With the Milliken Company

The rich history of Milliken and Company dates as far back as 1865 where they started as a tiny wool fabric company that was originally based in Portland, Maine. With its resolute adherence to quality and constant innovation, it’s operation expanded to key cities strategically located all throughout the country. Such dedication has paid off with a string of prestigious awards and accolades Milliken has received. The company is the only operating textile company in Europe that was given the British Standards Institute for Excellence in Quality certification as well as a TPM Excellence Award from Japan. To top all these raving reviews and citations, Milliken has recently been included as one of the Fortune 100 best companies to work for.

What does this tell us? Milliken is definitely a force to reckon with in the textile industry, with over 2,000 patents and 1,000 associates in 60 different facilities scattered globally, they have one of the widest distribution channels around. Aside from this, it’s a well known fact that Milliken owns the biggest textile research center that have never been rivaled by any other in the world. They provide extensive line of fabrics, yarns and even chemical products that would keep astronauts’ safe, major league players, homes and large-scale businesses in extreme comfort and protection. Everywhere you look, there is a Milliken product in almost any aspect of day-to-day life: in furnishings, automotive, chemicals, apparel and industrial textiles.

Milleken carpet and Milliken rugs have been known to adorn almost every home, giving a touch of elegance even in plush hotels, airports, and other commercial environments. Despite practically millions of feet trudging on these carpets every single day, Milleken floor covering products have been known to display unparalleled resiliency that have never gone unnoticed by people. So if you are shopping for broadloom carpets or some area rugs, it would be best to stick with a brand that has earned worldwide recognition in quality and durability. The technological researched constantly conducted in the textile materials would tell you right away that the company has committed itself in providing great looking carpets that would last a lifetime or even more.

With unquestionable dedication of providing only the highest performance carpets with keen attention to designs, all Milleken carpets and rugs for residential use comes with a warranty card. If you have an authentic Milliken rug or carpet that have shown some matting or even crushing from extended use or foot traffic, the company would readily replace it at their expense provided that it can no longer be restored and is still under warranty. Among the company’s highly recommended product line in the market today are the Pastiche that are actually made with the innovative Invista Stainmaster nylons that produces a great balance on the carpet pile and the wonderful plush denseness that can only be associated with quality craftsmanship.

The Milliken signature line boasts a 50 originally designed collection, easily among the widest offers in rugs today. Its creative designs have been inspired by a number of inspirations, such as the exotic jungles, Italian tiled halls, art galleries and woven wide American prairies.

With all the all too gleaming write-ups and impressive citations of Milliken over the years, one can no longer question its quality. In fact, no one company in the same industry can actually come close to be considered a competitive threat. Sp the next time you shop for textiles, carpets or any other product you definitely known better than to settle for some second-rates. Not when you know what is the best brand to trust.

Quality cannot be assessed by the appearance alone – this is especially true for carpets and rugs. But it you have the brand attached that can attest to its quality, then you simply know you have just been offered the best.