Start Your Home Based Business Now – Learn From the Past

Starting a home business in the time of recession? Is this the smart thing to do, seeing that so many businesses going under and filing bankruptcies at an alarming rate? If your answer to these questions are yes, then listen up!

During the time of recessions and we have had our share, well over ten that I can remember since the great depression, long before my time!

Since the age of the Internet and the merge of the technology of software, we have experienced a whole new concept of doing business. Never before has there been a time, that the average person can have the opportunity to start a home based business or take their existing business and expand it to a worldwide market through the technology of the Internet.

Long before the age of the Internet ever come along, there were entrepreneurs embarking on the revolution of network marketing.

One of the pioneers of the this new revolutionary ways of doing business was J.R. Watkins founded the J.R. Watkins Medical Company in 1868. J.R. Watkins was one of the first companies that had associates marketing directly to the consumers.

In the year of 1931, the vice president of sales for the Fuller Brush company, Frank Stanly Beveridge and Catherine L. O’Brien founded Stanly Home Products.

Not being detoured by the economic hardship of the great depression and the enormous amount of unemployment that the average American was experiencing, they hatched a plan that would let the people have the opportunity to start their very own business, all with a minimal start up cost.

Stanly Home Products was for the everyday household, cleaners, mops, brushes. To increase their sales volume, the Stanly dealers started to give demonstration to social clubs and different organizations, rather than one on one sales. Finally came the “party plan”, the home owner would invite several of their friends and family and hence the “party plan” was born.

Many of the great leaders received their training as dealers of Stanly Home Products going on to head up their own company, Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics; Brownie Wise of Tupperware; Mary Crowley of founder of Home Interiors, all spurred on by the Fuller Brush Company.

Looking back at the great depression and the entrepreneurial spirit that arose out of need, one can only have hope, when hard times came over the majority of Americans, a new way of life emerged from desperate times.

Today we find many are experiencing tough times, perhaps not as severe as the great depression but, nevertheless, when you have no job, can’t pay the mortgage payment, not able to feed the family and no hope of employment in the near future, this is a great depression for these individuals!

There’s no better time than now to start a home base business. There’s a worldwide market waiting to be tapped. Twelve to fifteen thousand new business are started every day on the Internet and this number is rising on a daily bases, all because of the economic recession that engulfs the world today.

People can change their situation in life and rise above the economic depression they find themselves in, just look back at the great depression, when the entrepreneurial spirit was born out of need.

Prior to Signing Up Into a Home Based Business, Find Out What it Really Takes to Do One

Okay, so you want to start a home based business and you’re doing it for the reasons below (not limited to the ones below):

  • Tired of the 9-to-6 rat race and the additional time of commuting associated with it.
  • You don’t want to leave the house to work a second job
  • Concerned about getting laid off, although you think that you have a stable corporate or government job.
  • Forced not to go to work to look after your small children because they need to be looked after
  • Need the extra money
  • Have worked another business, but failed because you and your partners didn’t work out, like what happened to me.
  • Fell for the hype, like myself, that you’re going to make a ton of money but nothing happened, so you’re looking to give it another shot because this is what you wanted to do.
  • Believed in the the product sells itself, like I did, when in the first place, it didn’t happen.  So you wanted to find a business that has a product that solves other people’s problems.

And I’m sure you have many reasons to start a home business, but this time, you’re more skeptical because most of these people promoting the opportunity are driven by hype.  As a result, many of them fell for it and lost money.

I’m sure that some of you were pushed into this type of business by someone else and when it didn’t work, it did you more harm.  It’s really awful to see that 95 percent of those who started a home business didn’t survive and they wind up quitting.  I know someone who was in a network marketing business for two years and didn’t even make a promotion.  That’s because people who bought into the product or opportunity canceled their subscription or quit the business.

Why is that?  Because whoever brought them into the business did not make their life better. 

As Tim Sales said, you’re not in the business to make your life better.  You’re in the business to make other people’s lives better.  You can work hard in your business and you still won’t make a dime.  That’s because you didn’t have a solution to their problems.  Try and sell the product or the opportunity because it’s HOT compared to marketing them because you will make their life better are two different things.  If I was being prospected in the opportunity or the product, I would go with the latter.

Many people say that business is a numbers game and it boils down to whether your bank account stays further in the black.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  Anytime you start your own business whether it’s from home or at a mall strip, you better remember that your primary mission is to make other people’s lives better before you think about reeling in more sales.

When you’re in business, your primary goal is to help make other people’s life better before you think about reeling in more sales.

Another thing I want to mention is those who brought you into the business like one that has multi-level compensation plans are known as an upline.  These people usually mentor the newbie on how the business is done.  Not all uplines are bad, but there are some who will tell you to follow some system that would be duplicatable and I’ve seen it on almost all MLM companies.  Although i have nothing against duplication because they’ve been proven already in several businesses, such as McDonalds, WalMart, Hollywood Video, several supermarkets and drug stores.  Note that these companies are well established and have the big customer base.  However, you’re just getting started in business and you’ll have to come up with a way to market it if you’re going to compete with the big boys.

Dr. Charles King, professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago and network marketing expert, said that if you have a unique product that’s consumable, they come to you to get it.  If you don’t, you better have a retention strategy to keep your customers.

Even with what Dr. King said, he also mentioned that you have to have an expanding market.  If you don’t, there is obviously no demand for the product.  Try selling a product/service that’s not in demand or doesn’t work and you’ll be one frustrated distributor, even after your upline insisted that they do work.  As a result, frustrated distributors will jump ship because they had seen enough.

Ann Sieg has a way to explain this in “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing” book in regards to these uplines.

Did your upline ever told you that your first goal is to make that first pin-level promotion?  How about telling you to purchase leads, work a duplicatable system, or go to a company’s annual convention?  It doesn’t surprise me that I hear this all the time, even from those who are already up in the company leadership. 

Well I got news for you.  It doesn’t always work that way.  Although a duplicatable system works with McDonald’s and WalMart, that is not necessarily true for a small business owner working with a network marketing company.  Why?  Because McDonald’s and WalMart are already established, making billions of dollars in income and they have the money to take down a small business owner.

Ever asked people for a favor to make a purchase so that you can make that first level promotion?  I know several people who were guilty of doing that and I was a member of that party as well.  Don’t get me wrong.  Not all uplines are like that.  I’m talking about the ones who have numbers in their agenda.  That makes them place your mindset on numbers instead of helping make people’s lives better, which is what you’re in business for in the first place. 

Let me share part of what Ann Sieg had to say about her e-book, “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing”:

  1. Do they tell you that everyone is a prospect?  In one of the first MLM companies I joined, I was asked to bring in everybody and their cousin to some conference call.  One of my other uplines told me that anyone who has “widgets” is a prospect.  That didn’t go well for me.  Your best bet is to find an audience who’s in need of the product/service you’re offering or who needs a solution to their problems, such as achy knees, or looking for a compatible date.
  2. Do they tell you that you’re not selling.  Instead you’re sharing?  Anytime you’re starting a home business, you’re selling a product or service in  exchange for money or any negotiable instrument that is acceptable to both parties.  Don’t fall into that “you’re not in sales” trap because as long as you’re receiving money for your product/service, you’re in sales, period!
  3. I was told that anyone can do this business.  Really? You wait till they find out how much they have to pay every month to stay in business.  Those who have a job mindset want to be paid immediately.  If you have that type of mindset, you’re not going to want to be working for me because I’ll pay you minimum wage (borrowed from Rich Dad, Poor Dad) until you make that other person’s life better and if you don’t, you’ll be fired.  I for one, will not bring anyone on my team who doesn’t qualify to be part of the business.  If you have the mentality of making other people’s life better, you have a pretty good chance in starting your own business.  Otherwise, you’re better off getting a job.  I must warn you that when you work a job, you still must make your employer’s life better or you’ll be let go either through layoffs or firing.
  4. Your business will be built for you by your upline.  When Sam Walton father-in-law not lend him the money to start his first business, he would have to find other ways to build his business.  The point is, he built that business from the ground up and you know the rest of the story.  I heard about placing people underneath you, but if you’re going to grow your business, you must build a relationship between you and the person you enroll.  You must help make that other person’s life better and I’m going to repeat that over and over and over again.  You should always train people in your group to learn how to train their people.  I was in a event in Las Vegas for my company and one of the leaders in the company said that you should always recruit because every recruit you bring in is an additional stream of income.  Don’t ever expect anyone to build your business for you because you’re in the business of making other people’s lives better.  Network marketing is all about building relationships between you and the person you brought in.  If you keep growing your front line,
  5. How about your uplines telling you that the product sells itself?  Stay out of that mentality because you must make that other person’s life better.  Products don’t necessarily sell themselves.  Solutions to people’s problems do.
  6. You just don’t believe that this business or the associated products will work for you.  No matter how good your product or service is or your opportunity, the window of opportunity for your prospects may not be open.  If you try to pry their window open by putting the pressure on them to buy into it, you’ll wind up losing the relationship with your prospect.  What you should do instead is focus on making their life better.  Even after you showed your prospect the information on your products/services/opportunity and the prospect says no, you must accept their decision.  A good way to salvage that relationship is to refer them to someone else the product/services/opportunity to someone else whom they’re suitable to work with.  Remember, you must at least make an all out effort to salvage the relationship and you do that by making their life better, regardless of their decision.
  7. Your opportunity has a proven system – there’s not such thing as a proven system.  McDonald’s and WalMart has one of the most robust proven systems, but if what they have to offer doesn’t meet their needs, wants, or don’t wants that make their life better, they’re not going to buy into it.  Or the prospects windows of opportunity to buying is not open for them and no matter how great your system works, there’s still no guarantee that they’re going to buy because it won’t solve the problem that they have.  At one time, we wrote a paper for a systems analysis and design course.  The content is good, but we learned that what we wrote is too technical for the reader, so we got a lower grade.  No one cares how state of the art your solution will be, but if it doesn’t address the issue that concerns the audience, they won’t buy into the system.

My suggestion is, before you decide to do any business, whether it’s an online business from home or a networking business, make sure you educate yourself on what you’re getting into.  If you don’t, you’re up for a rude awakening when you learned that you lost money in your business because you didn’t observe the 7 lies that occurs in this type of business.

Be sure you download the free e-book “The 7 Greatest Lies Of Network Marketing” below and start educating yourself.  Please visit the website below and enter your first, last name, and your email and when you confirm your subscription, a link to download the free eBook will be on your confirmation email. 

Do not neglect to do this or you’ll simply be another statistic.

Better Home Rugs and Carpets With the Milliken Company

The rich history of Milliken and Company dates as far back as 1865 where they started as a tiny wool fabric company that was originally based in Portland, Maine. With its resolute adherence to quality and constant innovation, it’s operation expanded to key cities strategically located all throughout the country. Such dedication has paid off with a string of prestigious awards and accolades Milliken has received. The company is the only operating textile company in Europe that was given the British Standards Institute for Excellence in Quality certification as well as a TPM Excellence Award from Japan. To top all these raving reviews and citations, Milliken has recently been included as one of the Fortune 100 best companies to work for.

What does this tell us? Milliken is definitely a force to reckon with in the textile industry, with over 2,000 patents and 1,000 associates in 60 different facilities scattered globally, they have one of the widest distribution channels around. Aside from this, it’s a well known fact that Milliken owns the biggest textile research center that have never been rivaled by any other in the world. They provide extensive line of fabrics, yarns and even chemical products that would keep astronauts’ safe, major league players, homes and large-scale businesses in extreme comfort and protection. Everywhere you look, there is a Milliken product in almost any aspect of day-to-day life: in furnishings, automotive, chemicals, apparel and industrial textiles.

Milleken carpet and Milliken rugs have been known to adorn almost every home, giving a touch of elegance even in plush hotels, airports, and other commercial environments. Despite practically millions of feet trudging on these carpets every single day, Milleken floor covering products have been known to display unparalleled resiliency that have never gone unnoticed by people. So if you are shopping for broadloom carpets or some area rugs, it would be best to stick with a brand that has earned worldwide recognition in quality and durability. The technological researched constantly conducted in the textile materials would tell you right away that the company has committed itself in providing great looking carpets that would last a lifetime or even more.

With unquestionable dedication of providing only the highest performance carpets with keen attention to designs, all Milleken carpets and rugs for residential use comes with a warranty card. If you have an authentic Milliken rug or carpet that have shown some matting or even crushing from extended use or foot traffic, the company would readily replace it at their expense provided that it can no longer be restored and is still under warranty. Among the company’s highly recommended product line in the market today are the Pastiche that are actually made with the innovative Invista Stainmaster nylons that produces a great balance on the carpet pile and the wonderful plush denseness that can only be associated with quality craftsmanship.

The Milliken signature line boasts a 50 originally designed collection, easily among the widest offers in rugs today. Its creative designs have been inspired by a number of inspirations, such as the exotic jungles, Italian tiled halls, art galleries and woven wide American prairies.

With all the all too gleaming write-ups and impressive citations of Milliken over the years, one can no longer question its quality. In fact, no one company in the same industry can actually come close to be considered a competitive threat. Sp the next time you shop for textiles, carpets or any other product you definitely known better than to settle for some second-rates. Not when you know what is the best brand to trust.

Quality cannot be assessed by the appearance alone – this is especially true for carpets and rugs. But it you have the brand attached that can attest to its quality, then you simply know you have just been offered the best.